Freudian Kicks by Freudian Kicks



The wonderful store Freudian Kicks in Oslo, Prinsensgate 10B, has now launched their own

limited and very beautiful collection "Freudian Kicks by Freudian Kicks", which is a testament of the energy, people and neighborhood that constitutes Freudian Kicks.

Henrik Vibskov "bring your white trash party"

Hello again! It has been a very long time since anything happened in the blog now,
unfortunately school has been killing all my time recently.
This photo is by the way from the Henrik Vibskov white art workshop last saturday,
very much fun and here is the result :)

Eilin´s art!


My extremely good friend Eilin recently had her amazing new tattoos done.
I think it is a brave thing to do, but she is absolutely the person to pull it of!
I love them. You rock Eilin ;)

I love Chloé.



As I wrote before, I absolutely adore Marc Jacobs, but there is also another brand

that I am in love with, and that is Chloe. 

This photo is from their spring/summer 2009 collection, shot by Mikael Jansson.


Daniel Sørensen

This photo is from the norwegian designer Daniel Sørensen´s 
last collection. The best norwegian designer in my opinion. 
His style and design represents everything I look for in good fashion. 

Lily Donaldson

lily donaldsonpreview
The beautiful Lily Donaldson is my all time absolute favorite fashion model. 
She has a incredible and versatile look that I simply adore.  

Siren by Jeffrey Graetsch

plastique magazine rachel clark by jeffrey graetscplastiquemagazinerachelclarkbyje1

Jeffrey Graetsch shot Rachel Clark for the latest issue of Plastique Magazine
and I absolutely have to add this spread to my list of favorites. 

Marc Jacobs spring 2009

As I have written before I am a huge fan of Marc Jacobs and I love his style and design. 
Here is a picture from the 2009 spring collection. What I like about this is that it is dressed up,
but at the same time very relaxed.  

Sunset in Puglia


The most beautiful sunset I have ever seen.

Plastique magazine-explosive fashion

The British magazine Plastique has lately become my absolute favorite magazine.
It is, like they say it themselves, Explosive.

Do you recognize what and where this is?


Juergen Teller for Marc Jacobs


When it comes to fashion and design there is no greater than Marc Jacobs.
This photo is from his spring/summer collection 2009 and is shot by Juergen Teller, 
which is an amazing photographer who also shot many of Marc Jacobs earlier campaigns.

A day at the Opera

Yesterday I went to the Opera in Oslo city centre and here is one of the photo´s that trip resulted in.
I like observing people and funny details. Like in this photo. If you look closer at it you see the
boat and building reflected in the glass. 

St. Peter´s Basilica

I took this picture in "Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano" in Rome last summer.
I love the light and the colors, but also the spiritual and calm feeling in the photo.
Tell me what you think. 

Welcome to MyLucidDreams

"A Lucid Dream is a dream where the sleeper is aware of what he or she is dreaming.
When the dreamer is lucid, they can actively participate in and often manipulate the imaginary experiences in the dream environment."
This blog is about awareness of dreams in everyday life and realizing them. 
My passion is in fashion, art and photography and my dreams often go there, something this blog will reflect.

Velkommen til min blogg!

Dette er den første posten på min nye blogg ;)

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